The world's best mobile app platform for Dance Congresses and Festivals. Simple to use for dancers. Simple to setup for organizers.

Dancers, have all the information at your fingertips.

Everything you need to organize your day at the congress. No more paper schedules. No more hunting on websites for when a party is. Get notifications from organizers about changes in real-time.

Up-to-date Information
  • Workshops
  • Schedules
  • Artists
  • Favorites
  • Notifications
  • Artist Rating
  • Show Lineup

Organizers, simple and quick set-up of your event.

Free Mobile app + Admin website.

No more printing hundreds of schedules. Communicate all changes to your congress attendees in real-time. Change workshops, and alert your attendees.

Premium stand-alone Mobile app + Admin website.

If you want a mobile app exclusive to your event, we will custom build it for you. The same easy to use and customize platform, but your attendees can search the app market place for your event and download your event's exclusive app.

1000s of users

Support hundreds or thousands of users at the same time with all data stored in the cloud.

No hassles

Manage the data for your event. Add/update data and have it reflected for all users in real-time.

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Getting Started


If you are a dancer, please download our app "Congress Buddy" from the App Store or Play Store.


The Congress Buddy is completely free and easy to use. To get started, create a free account and follow the instructions! You will be able able to register your event in minutes.

If you would like to learn more about the stand-alone version, email us at Check out "Atlanta Salsa Bachata Fest" app to see how a stand-alone app would look.

About Us

This started as a fun project for the Atlanta Bachata Festival in 2017. Due to all the positive feedback, we decided to continue building upon that platform. The existing commercially available event platforms were expensive and were geared towards very large events and concerts and were generally unsuitable for the niche market of Dance Congresses and Festivals. So, we decided to build a platform which would cater to the needs of the Latin dancer, as well as provide the right set of tools to the Congress organizers, so that they can put all the information that their attendees need at their fingertips.

The result of that effort is the Congress Buddy platform. It is a platform since it has multiple components which are all being improved upon constantly and are designed to work together to provide a clean, seamless experience to both dancers and Congress organizers. The platform can be used for both stand-alone mobile apps such as Atlanta Salsa Bachata Fest App, New Jersey Bachata Fest App and so on, and also as a multi-tenant app; Congress Buddy mobile app.

The Congress Buddy multi-tenant platform is designed to be completely self-service and free. Organizers can sign-up and create their events online on the Congress Buddy website. After a quick approval/review from our side, the organizers will be able to log-in to the Congress Buddy Admin website to manage their own event. All the data entered or updated on the Admin Website will be reflected in real-time on the Congress Buddy mobile app. Organizers can manage the data on their own, or leverage their existing volunteer programs to assign a volunteer to manage the data for the event (similar to the way registration, front desk, or artist welcome programs are being operated currently).

For custom stand-alone apps, we will set up the Apple/Google mobile applications on the corresponding mobile app stores. E.g "EventXYZ" on Apple's iTunes App Store and Google's Android Play Store. For this, all we would need would be event information, images and graphics to be used for the various screens. We will collect these from you, and set up the apps from our side. After the apps are live on Apple and Google stores, organizers will be able to manage their own events using their congress Buddy Admin Website login.
(Note: This feature is still under beta testing. If you would like to participate in our next beta test, please email me -

Modern Interface

The mobile app user interface is clean, modern and intuitive. Congress attendees from multi events were able to use the app with little to no issues. Users love it!

Real-time updates

Changes made to workshops, artists, descriptions, images etc. will reflect in the app in real-time. Which means that when there are last minute workshop changes, the data will change on the app, and you can even send out a notifcation on the app.


We are constantly working on improving the app and the platform based on feedback from dancers and organizers. If you would like another feature implemented, email us -

Rating & Feedback

The Congress Buddy app also lets you collect anonymous feedback about the artists, workshops and general feedback about the event.